A real taste of Wisconsin
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11391594_525788827574201_7935127721899706748_n We love buying local and do the best we can. Our pork butts and ribs come from our friends over at Wilson farms. They raise mostly heritage hogs because we believe great breading of the old Animals are the best option. Much of our beef comes right here from local farms and from Sorg’s though we do have to supplement with some commercial briskets because well… its just to popular to keep up around here. Try our seasonal BBQ Sauce to get a taste of right here in whitewater.11215176_381033342087616_7825907793031115238_n Our honey comes from right here in Janesville from Four Wings Honey Farm and check out our pet bees to see how local our honey will be next year. Our flour is grown and milled by my grandparents farm near Lone Rock and delivered (often by my uncle Steve)Wilsons_PrairieView_Farm