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Real Saucy Entrees & Stratch-Made Sides.

We would love to cater or host your next event. Don't hesitate to contact us about our catering services and banquet hall.

Catering Logistics

How much meat should I order?

We figure between 1/3 lb to 1/2 lb of meat per person depending on the appetites of your crowd. Variety may be the spice of life, but too many options can be overwhelming; try to limit meat choices to no more than 3.

How much do I need for sides?

For sides, we figure about a 1/2 lb total per person and we recommend a max of three to four different sides.

Do I need buns?

BBQ sandwiches make the world go round, so yes. We generally calculate 1.2 times the number of your guests for regular size and 2 times the number of your guests for sliders.


Disposable Warmers
$10 each

Warmer Rentals
$10 with a security deposit


0 to 5 miles - $19.95

5 to 15 miles - $29.95

Over 15 miles - Ask us!


Included with your meat are a choice of 2 sauces

Serving tongs and spoons are $1.00 each

Disposable tablecloths are $1.50 each

Meats by the Pound

Chopped Pork (up to 10 lbs)

$ 11.95/lb

Chopped Pork (over 20 lbs)

$ 9.95/lb

Chopped Chicken (over 10 lbs)

$ 10.95/lb

Sliced Brisket (up to 10 lbs)

$ 16.95/lb

Sliced Brisket (over 20 lbs)

$ 12.95/lb

Smoked Sausage (over 10 lbs)

$ 9.95/lb

Smoked Salmon

$ 17.00/lb

Chopped Pork (over 10 lbs)

$ 10.95/lb

Chopped Chicken (up to 10 lbs)

$ 11.95/lb

Chopped Chicken (over 20 lbs)

$ 9.95/lb

Sliced Brisket (over 10 lbs)

$ 14.95/lb

Smoked Sausage (up to 10 lbs)

$ 10.95/lb

Veggie Brats *Vegan* (4 brats/lb)

$ 16.00/lb

Sausage, beggie brats, and salmon are pre-smoked weight. Brisket, pork, and chicken are the cooked weight.

Sides by the Pound

Seasonal Slaw

$ 5.95/lb

Regular Cole Slaw

$ 4.95/lb

Potato Salad

$ 4.50/lb

Beans & Bacon

$ 4.95/lb

Sides by the Pan

Mac and Cheese (Half Pan)

$ 38.95

Mac and Cheese (Full Pan)

$ 68.95

Real Mashed Potatoes (Half Pan)

$ 22.95

Real Mashed Potatoes (Full Pan)

$ 38.95

Golden Corn Bake / Corn Pudding (Half Pan)

$ 22.95

Golden Corn Bake / Corn Pudding (Full Pan)

$ 38.95

Cornbread (Half Pan)

$ 17.00

Cornbread (Full Pan)

$ 31.00

A half pan feeds 15-18 and a full pan feeds 30-36.


Slider Bun

$ 0.50 each

Regular Bun

$ 0.75 each


Smoked Salmon (Small Only)

Small salad, feeds 8-10

$ 21.95

Salad (Small)

Small salad, feeds 8-10

$ 12.95

Salad (Large)

Large salad, feeds 16-20

$ 21.95



$ 0.75 each

12 Cookies

$ 8.00


Iced Tea or Vanilla Bean Lemonade

$ 1.95 per person

Iced Tea or Vanilla Bean Lemonade (Gallon)

$ 12.00

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